I keep getting "Controller down alert"

Do you have that also?
I have a vera plus.
I will often get a notification “Controller down alert”
It will be followed by another notification “Controller is reliably connected”. But sometimes it can take hours to be back up.

The more I use my vera, the more I’m disappointed.
It is not reliable at all. I’d say 70% or 80% at max.

I can’t rely on delayed action if it reboots :frowning:
I have stopped investing in zwave products and I’m considering selling everything until something really reliable comes up…

Firmware : 1.7.2138

Use PLEG instead of scenes.
It’s delayed actions will still work when Vera restarts.

I used to get them as well but i turned off those notifications. The only difference i noticed is that, i’m a lot happier now that i’m not fussin’ over that thing all the time ;D i guess I’ve been lucky; so far the vera always does what it supposed to, when it supposed to.

I get the same thing. I started getting them after I turned on Alerts. The problem with turning Alerts back off is now I know the Vera is down several hours a day every day. Some times it comes back by itself but some time I have to cycle the power.

I think many more people would find the same issue if they turned on alerts. I have an open ticket with support but so far all I’ve gotten is a few vague emails and not much more. I’m about to throw the thing in the trash. To bad to I had high hope for this thing. Along with the alerts I can tell my Vera has been down. I have dataMine 2 running and it shows no or the same data for long periods of time.

I’m using MySensors to build a solar heater (hot water) and 2 stage evaporative cooling system for my shop. In the end it will have a dozen or so sensors, control 3 pumps, several valves, fans and louvers. Needless to say having the Vera offline for even a short time could be very bad not to mention trying to use it in a security system would be a joke. ???

If someone can tell me how to fix this that would be great otherwise I’m done messing around with this thing.

I’m also getting the Controller Down / Controller up alerts fairly frequently.

During those periods when the controller is reportedly down, however, I see no difference in behavior from the unit, or any accessibility issues, so I believe the outage reports are false. It is disturbing though.

Same here. Even after a notification that the “Controller is down” I can log in, see webcams, interact with controller, and get other notifications. It is strange.

Same as me. Support doesn’t see anything odd. :frowning:

Every time I’ve come across the controller down alert it was being caused by a resource issue. You would get a controller down alert and you could access the controller but it would be sluggish. The problem was somewhat random as you need the right plugins running at the same time to cause the problem and once the plugins were done running the problem goes away.

I’m glad it’s not just me! My VeraEdge has been running flawlessly for months and my Internet hasn’t been down. There is something wrong with the alerts or they are too sensitive, i.e. If a ping is missed, maybe it flags the connection as down when in reality, it should wait for a few failures.

Has anyone seen any improvement to this “controller down” alert issue?

I have not changed anything other than adding Alexa skill in the past few months and for the past 2 months or so I seem to get “controller down” controller up messages almost daily, sometimes several per day. I changed my ethernet cable just in case.

I get them too. No apparent reason why.

I agree with what Richard has said.


You can read in the software release notes why you are getting these alerts and that they can still occur. You can disable them on your Vera if you find them annoying.

Cheers Rene