I just passed the wife test! How I automated her problem...

My ongoing goal with home automation has been to have a master light switch by the front door that powers down the entire house. It’s always a battle with the wife justifying the insane amounts of money this has cost buying all the switches. Well I finally passed the wife test using a Vizia 4 scene controller.

Z-Wave find my iPhone via Vizia 4 Scene Controller

Everyone misplaces their phone around the house, my wife more then anyone. It’s always “Al can you call my phone, i can’t find it”. Well thanks to the Vizia 4 scene controller and Apples Find my iPhone, with 1 push of a button her phone will start beeping so she can find it.

Now she’s onboard with Z-Wave and is coming up with new ideas for the other scene buttons.

Great. Do you mind covering how you implemented that?

Here’s how i did it.

First i bought a Leviton VRCS4-M0Z Z-Wave 4-Button Scene Controller and paired it with my Vera. I then configured the scene controller in Vera and set the devices “ManageLeds” setting to “0” which means I have full control of the LEDs using Luup code.

Then i created a scene “Ring Sabrinas Phone” that was triggered when the 3rd button on the scene controller is turned on or off. The scene is entirely Luup code which turns the LED’s on/off and sends a request to my webserver.

[code]-- Turn the LED orange
luup.call_action(“urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneControllerLED1”,“SetLight”,{newValue=“3”,Indicator=“3”}, 27)

– Ping Find My iPhone (Timeout set to 5 seconds)
local status, result = luup.inet.wget(“http://www.example.com/call_sabrina.php”, 5)

– Turn the LED green
luup.call_action(“urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneControllerLED1”,“SetLight”,{newValue=“1”,Indicator=“3”}, 27)

– Wait 3 seconds then turn off the LED
luup.call_action(“urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneControllerLED1”,“SetLight”,{newValue=“0”,Indicator=“3”}, 27)

– 0=off 1=green 2=red 3=orange[/code]

Next I downloaded class.sosumi.php which lets you interact with the find my iphone service using PHP.

Then I created the call_sabrina.php script on my webserver that looks like this…



$iTunesUsername = “Enter_your_username_here”;
$iTunesPassword = “Enter_your_password_here”;
$deviceNumber = 1; // Every device with Find my iPhone has its own number. My iPhone is 1, my iPad is 2, and my other iPad is 3
$playSound = true;

$ssm = new Sosumi($iTunesUsername, $iTunesPassword);
$ssm->sendMessage(“Located Using Z-Wave!”, $playSound, $deviceNumber, “Find My iPhone”);


A little outside of my area of comfort. I appreciate you sharing.

fantastic job! gonna try this on my evolve lcd1
thanks for sharing