I got a CA600 unconfigured in my Vera

The first switch CA600 I installed one month ago on my VeraLite, yesterday was unconfigured.
I notice because the light was suppose to turn on on motion and it did not. I went to the MiOS and notice that it didn’t response. And then notice that some of my children turn off the small Switch. When I turned it on again, the led light was intermittent indicating that it wasn’t paired, but in the Vera was like active.
I removed it on the web interface using the Trash Icon (witch I think was an error) and then went to pair it again.
Since then, the Switch is not working anymore. I added it again, I can see it, but is says “Unable to get any information on node”.
I’m not using Vera Routing, did a Heal with no luck.
I guess the Switch is not damage because I could pair it again, the switch work properly, can turn on/off light. The led is off, it is in the Vera with a New node number, but can’t be configure.
I suppose it is a software problem that can be solved configuring right.

Any help?
Thanks a lot.

Just to clarify my problem, because I haven’t been able to solve the issue, my problem was at the begining that the device was configured in Vera, but the Led was intermitent indicating that hasn’t been paired.
Now, I tried to unpair then pair again, it paired, but wasn’t unable to configured. didn’t work.
Unpair and tried to pair to a GE Remote didn’t work, not even paired, but I think is because the GE can’t pair a Light while it is a secondary controller.

I am running out of Ideas.

Is it damage?
Somebody has called to Intermatic for support or ask for warranty?
Is there a phone in the Instruction.

Because I can’t make it work, I decide to replace the switch… Turns out the problem must be the Vera because when I add the brand new switch, now it is the only one working. All the rest are failing same that was the previous switch.
I heal but nothing happens. Revert the change to Vera Route, and waiting to see if it would work.
If not, I have to reset the Z-wave? All the Luup code I have develop will be loose?
I read the instruction on how to reset, but, don’t know what is going to happen.
I hope the Scene, Rooms, Automation remain the same, but with no nodes, and I have to add it, and put them to work in each scene with different nodes number.

Am I right?

Maybe try MCV Tech Support first and see if they can analyze what the issue is and try to correct it; maybe restore a known-good backup, etc.