I don't see that you added any new devices

I have a Vera2 + 1 x GE 45609

When I try to ‘Include’ the switch, the Vera Wizard says:
I don’t see that you added any new devices

I clicked ‘Reset Z-Wave network’ then Excluded and re-Included it with no change.
I also tried Resetting Vera2 back to Factory Settings.

Any suggestions for a newbie?


When you include what do you see the z-wave light on the vera do?

do you get it blinking steadily at first by pressing the z-wave button?
then when you activate the device does light flicker a bunch?
when you’re done do you hit the z-wave button again and wait for it to go out and come back on before pulling power?

I do and see everything as you describe

sorry I got nothing then.

there’s some bits and peices around here about a bug durig inclusion- might be that hit you.

Search around here-

but in the mean time - maybe you want to open a support ticket with MCV.

sorry couldn’t be more help.

Dont go through the Wizard. Click the +! on the Wizard task bar and try again, see if you get this message in the clock box.
Add new devices now…
Failed to go into learn mode. Retrying…Add new devices now…
Done. Added 0 nodes.
If so, as of today, there is no stable fix and we wont see a FW release until it is fixed. Can you change the name of your scenes? Another UI4 bug.


I don’t see that series of messages when manually adding.
I don’t have any Scenes to rename as yet, there seemed no point in creating Scenes for non-existent devices :slight_smile: