I can wake PC from Vera UI but how to make it sleep ? PsShutdown cmd line


I installed and setup the WOL add-in for Vera, this seems to work well and I can now wake any PC in my home from the Vera Web UI.

I would now like to be able to manually make them go back to sleep mode.

On my WHS server I have created some commands that can be run to make a certain PC go back to sleep. I am using the Windows tool PsShutdown from PSTools.

Command line to make a PC sleep

PsShutdown \PCName -u user -p password -d

Using PsShutdown works and when I run the command the PC goes back to sleep OK.

Can I run a .cmd or .exe file stored on my WHS from Vera ? Or run the command directly from Vera ? Which would probably be better.

This sounds interesting here:


Using MCE Controller and sending a shutdown command to it.

However I am already using VMC Controller and wouldnt really want two TCP controllers for Windows Media Center on the same PC…

You can send either Socket or HTTP requests to VMC Controller

Here is a list of available commands

I can’t see any commands to do with shutdown, list seems to be all the commands for controlling Windows Media Center.


Many of the questions you are asking have already been answered in other threads. There is no reason to start new topics. Have a look here:


and here


Search is your friend.

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Yes I saw those as options, However I would have to install a second TCP controller on the HTPC’s as I am already using the other TCP controller for other things. So I would rather not install the one from Kindel (MCE Controller) as well as VMC Controller.

So looking for other options to send commands from Vera

I use Eventghost to shutdown my PC, and Vera to start it.

I wanted my computer to hibernate if I left the house or went to sleep. :slight_smile:
The Wake-On-LAN plug-in and MCE Controller script was super easy! Works like a charm.
Very surprised at the instantaneous response.