I am dreaming for a new device...

Hi to all,

Because a lot of us are with temperature sensor and heater/appliance control I?m dreaming for a new device?

With a look like a Virtual Thermostat, but without its functions. With something simple?
3 buttons - Off - appliance is off, Auto - appliance will be on or off in proper conditions(if the Current Temperature<Eco(Comfort)temperature - on? ), Heat - appliance is on.
Current Temperature is here again and it is from temperature sensor.
Eco and Comfort buttons are here, temperature + and - buttons are here?
Will be good if we can see the status of appliance module -on or off?

Is it possible for someone to build something like this. I am only a dreamer?

Thank you in advance

I think you could use a multi-switch and PLEG apps to accomplish this.

I made some changes in Smart Virtual Thermostat.
The state icons ate from the default thermostat. When the heater is on - the color is green, when the heater is off - the color is grey.
I made some view changes, you will see them.
I made a new variable - Temp Offset. You can change the temperature from the sensor with this.

You need to use ?Create device? if you want to try or use it.

The main difference between this device and Smart Virtual Thermostat - no AutoLearning here, no time calculations. Simple switch on and off.

I hope it will be useful.


  1. Create device
  2. Reload Lua
  3. Refresh
  4. Open Advanced Tab - Variables
  5. Insert heaters ID, Inside Temp Sensors ID, Temperature Offset.
  6. Reload Lua
  7. Device is ready. After a some time it will get the room temp from the sensor and will work. I hope?

I made small changes. Now we have a Master Switch - ID of the master switch device if you have. If its status is On - thermostat goes in position Auto / Comfort. If the status is off - thermostat goes in position off.

Could you explain how to create the SimpleTherm device?