Hunter Douglas Powerview shade issues

To all the Hunter Douglas Powerview shade people -

I don’t believe this is a Vera issue, but since Hunter Douglas does not have such a robust owner forum, I’d thought I’d try this location for answers to my questions.

I’ve got 8 units, hooked them all up to a power supply that has a UPS in front of it. (Batteries are out of the causal loop) Had them for almost 3 years and they’ve been problematic to say the least.

I’ve managed the Vera/HD interface using the code that has been discussed in this forum and that seems to work terrific. I don’t think accessing the shades using this method (I hope) should cause a problem with the shade, right?

http://x.x.x.x/api/scenes?sceneId= <—enter a scene id here

3-4 times a week one of my shades, will stop responding to commands, from Vera, from the local “pebble” controller, or the PowerView App. A long press on the control button on each shade usually restores, memory intact. It then works normally until next time.

So, has anyone else had similar issues? If so, what was done to permanently resolve the issue. The HD people have been very responsive, but the problem does not seem to going away. In their current condition, I find the shades very unreliable, especially if you go away for any extended period of time (4+ days)

It is likely due to them going to “sleep” to save battery and then not waking when commanded to. Powerview seems to be based on BLE which is in the 2.4GHz range so it could also be interference. It seems folks have had luck with repeaters from HD.

There is some discussion here:

One guy said he balances his batteries with this expensive tester before installing them, but that same guy later said he just uses standard alkaline, fyi.

Hi, I am a fairly new user and I have a Vera Plus. I have just bought a Powerview Version 2 Hub to control my blinds. The hub is connected to the blinds and all works perfectly. I would like to integrate the Hub with my Vera Plus. I have installed the Powerview App on my Vera and now I am stuck. When I have done this before there is a little configuration, for example putting in the Hubs IP address in the Vera Powerview App setting but if I enter the Vera Powerview App there is no place to add anything. I have searched the internet and also the community pages and I cant find anything that helps. Please can anyone give me some direction?

I was not aware that there was a powerview app for the Vera. I attempted a search this morning and was unsuccessful. Not sure if its indicative of the Ezlo people withdrawing support for the Vera systems, or what, but my search for any apps to install resulted in the endless moving circle.

I currently control my 15 HD shades (2nd gen hub) via LUUP coding in individual Vera scenes. Shades open/close depending on various zwave sensors measuring light levels and temperatures, time of day, and season.

It has been working almost, repeat, almost, flawlessly for the past few years. I had a terrible time with the original shades until HD replaced them all with updated units that are very dependable.

Hi, Try a search in apps for Hunter Douglas - that is where I found the app. You may see something in the app that I cant to get it working. Good luck



I managed to find the app called “Hunter Douglas Platinum Shade” but that is for older hardware that HD no longer sells (Hunter Douglas Platinum Gateway) and is not supported by the current Hub. I believe that Gateway was replaced by the Hub (ver1) and that was replaced with Hub Ver2.

I just installed it and it created a device, but it doesn’t show up on the list. I used ALTUI to find it, but there was no ability to change any relevant settings. My guess is that the app did not work properly.

I recall way back when - 2016ish, that I investigated this app and couldn’t make it work with my HD Hub(1), that’s why I went down the path of using LUUP to control the shades.

This is the link to that conversation

If you’re interested, I can share some of my LUUP code, but if you’re not familiar with LUUP, it will be a bit of a learning curve.