HundredGraphs power logging plugin

With Ezlo moving to new hubs we (at ) are looking at integrating our reporting plugin to new hubs as well. But I have a few questions for our users.

  • There is no UI for configuration for plugins on Ezlo yet (at least I have not seen it, maybe I am wrong) , should we wait until such UI will be available or you are ok with configuring through JSON file?
  • We are working on new features such as better alerts, multi tier pricing support, etc. What would you like to add to the new release?
  • There is new Dashboard coming, less powerful than the current one, but much more intuitive and available immediately after you connect the hub. Do you think easier would be your case or you prefer manual graphs creation like we have at the moment?
  • Would you like something like IFTTT but specifically for Vera/Ezlo? What would you want results go to?

If you are not familiar with, this is the service for logging and analyzing data and creating graphs, we specifically created that service for power monitoring but you can log practically anything that Vera or Ezlo has access to, temperature, humidity, motion sensors, thermostat state, etc, etc. And the basic account is free.