hue/living whites as a trigger?

ok, so I have some hue lamps controlled by the veralite I have set up. Some of the lamps are controlled by using a fibaro switch as a trigger turning a bunch of them on or off. However I have some of them that are not connected to a zwave switch. Example, bathroom ceiling lamp.

Is it possible to make a scene that get triggered when the hue-lamp is turned on? I was trying something out with a variation of what I found in this thread , using the hue-lamp as a trigger. Testing the code works fine, but I am starting to suspect that using that the hue lamp gets turned on as a trigger is a bit optimistic. Is it or is it just my code that is not working as it should?

I just realized that if I turn on the light using homewave, the scene I set up works. However the only triggers I can set based on the hue lamp is if the device is turned on or off. I guess I need something that triggers when the hue lamp gets power. Any ideas?

The state of Hue lamps in Vera follow whatever is reported by the Hue hub. However if you disconnect a Hue bulb from the mains, the Hue hub will not report that fact (except perhaps as a comms error). Likewise it will not know when the Hue lamp comes back on. There is a “reachable” parameter reported, but currently it’s always 1

So no, there’s currently no way to check if a Hue bulb has been disconnected from or reconnected to the mains.

thanks intveltr, you confirmed what I feared. I’ll have to think a bit about how I want to approach this then, not sure if a sensor or a switch is the best solution for me yet. Perhaps that reachable parameter will start working at one point before I figure out a solution.

intveltr, I know you are a busy man, but I just saw that the reachable value seems to work now. Would this make it possible to implement it so that switching reachable from 0 to 1 triggers an event that can be used to run a scene?


That’s good to know; I’ll look into that. It can also be useful to prevent deleted Hue lights from being re-created, since the Hue gateway still does not have a way to exclude lights from its network.

The plugin has been updated, see here:,12536.msg135452.html#msg135452

Removing power from a Hue light will now cause its light level in Vera to be set to 0. When it is powered on, the plugin will poll it and set the light level to the correct value. This means you can detect lights being powered off and on and use that to trigger scenes, but notice it takes 1-2 minutes before such a change is detected.