Hue Lights randomly vanishing from Vera ? (unreachable message)

Since the update to the latest firmware I’m seeing hue bulbs randomly showing in vera as unreachable. Yet if you turn one on via the dashboard the lamp instantly responds, you can turn it on and off and still get the error message showing.

We dont use the dashboard but was interested to understand why vera things its not seeing these lamps especially as none have moved location and never had issues before. I have added a few more hue bulbs so maybe that’s the cause ? (althought can’t think why that would make this happen).

As yet not causing issues but time will tell if it starts to!.

I have seen this to, bulbs randomly shows as unreachable and comes back after a while

Looks like i’ll just live with it then, never had it until the recent upgrade. They seem to come and go and it does not appear to impact how they function so for now will live with it.

My approach as well …

I have a similar thing with a totally standard light module. One day it suddenly said ‘not responding’ Every command works and prompts a ‘responding again’ then about 45 minutes later ‘not responding’

Most annoying thing is to clear all the alerts :frowning: