Hue - IP Address - Resolved

I’ve been using the Hue plugin on Vera Edge for ages, works like a dream with I’d say zero issues, happy Days.

Came one the night before last to see one of my lights at the 50% I’d expect and the other showing at 1%…hmm. Correct the light levels thought nothing of it, until last night when all connection to my HUE’s was clearly lost. Quick bit of fault finding and I see my Hue Hub has decided it create itself a new IP address which is not in the sequence used on my network hence it will never be found (the app has actually updated itself to show this new IP address but of course the hub wont talk it as the network can’t see it).

I can reach the hub via the HUE website and have reset it but it still insists on its very random IP address. Has anyone else been able to resolve this ?. Does the new HUB let you set an IP address ?.

Quite why it should do this who knows, I’ve never been that impressed with the HUE hub…may if I get the new Vera Plus I can ditch the HUb!.

You didn’t mention what subnet the Hue hub s using. That might lend a clue to what’s happening.

I’d wager that there is a second DHCP server on the network - which you also didn’t describe at all - that is causing your issue. Not a fault of the Hue equipment either. I’ve seen many posts about erroneously configured Veras unexpectedly issuing IP addresses. Perhaps that’s your issue.

Thanks for the reply, thats been really useful as it got me thinking and solved the issue.

As far as I know the only DHCP server on my network is my router, then I remembered that Vera also has DCHP. A quick check and I see that somehow the DHCP server on vera was now turned on, quick reset of a few things and issue should be resolved.

Lesson learnt for future, how that came to turn on I have no idea.

Thanks for the help.