Hue devices won't delete?

I have a Hue hub with a couple of lights configured on it that don’t always stay powered on. Holiday lighting, for example.

Is there a way to ‘ignore’ certain ones in UI7? I tried deleting them, but they came back.

I wouldn’t otherwise care were it not for the frowny-house icon on the welcome page telling me they’re no longer connected.

Or does it always refresh devices from the hub? Normally I’d say that’d be a good thing for most folks. Me? Not so much.

It gets kind of worse? The devices that aren’t connected are now spamming alerts, claiming they’re responding again.

Um, no, they’re unplugged. How are they ‘responding again’?

I had a similar issue. I could NOT delete hue devices. I tried over and over. Thankfully i make back ups after every change and just restored.

What does the ‘disabled’ checkbox on the Advanced page for the device do? The one along with nobulk, embedded and restricted, what do these do?

What about the Advanced tab for the Hue Bridge itself? I notice there’s a ‘BridgeLights’ field that contains a list of the lights.

But let me step back and ask, is the Hue integration dynamic? As in, it will always ‘automagically’ update devices based on what the Hue bridge tells it?