Hue Ambiance Bulbs How to Change Temperature

Just installed ALT Hue and I am not able to change the temperature of my Hue Ambiance lights. I tried changing the the xml/json for the bulbs from D_DimmableALTHue1 to D_DimmableRGBALTHue1 and on a reload it reverts back to D_DimmableALTHue1
The ALT Hue app shows them as color temperature lights.
What xml/json should be used to be able to control the light temperature?

pinging @amg0. I think the ALTHUE plugin does not implement color temperature. Only RGB. You would have to convert your scenes to use RGB color changes instead of temperature though I think it would be doable to support it too.

As for the device recognition, please provide the bulbModelID from the device variables.
It is likely that the plugin is not recognizing it and assigns a default file for it. Adding support should be fairly easy.

They are LTW015
The plugin adds them as with a subcategory of 0 instead of what I would think should be a subcategory of 1 for bulb. I believe I tried setting it to 1 and it created new devices.
Also looks like it created a device for the Hue Button as some sort of security sensor. This I would think would be a scene controller.

i do not own a LTW015 but if you share the actual Hue name of that device and data ( reported in plugin HueData setting tab ) that would help to check. the type would drive the selection of the device type.

local LightTypes = {
	-- ["Extended color light"] = 		{  dtype="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:DimmableRGBLight:1" , dfile="D_DimmableALTHue1.xml" }, -- UI5 requires this
	["Extended color light"] = 		{  dtype="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:DimmableRGBLight:1" , dfile="D_DimmableRGBALTHue1.xml" }, 
	["Color light"] = 				{  dtype="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:DimmableRGBLight:1" , dfile="D_DimmableRGBALTHue1.xml" }, 
	["Color temperature light"] = 	{  dtype="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:DimmableLight:1" , dfile="D_DimmableALTHue1.xml" },
	["Dimmable light"] = 			{  dtype="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:DimmableLight:1" , dfile="D_DimmableALTHue1.xml" },

	-- proposal from cybrmage for other devices
	["On/Off light"] =              {  dtype="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:BinaryLight:1" , dfile="D_BinaryLight1.xml" },
	["Color dimmable light"] =		{  dtype="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:DimmableRGBLight:1" , dfile="D_DimmableRGBALTHue1.xml" },

	-- OSRAM On Off Plug
	["On/Off plug-in unit"] =		{  dtype="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:BinaryLight:1" , dfile="D_BinaryLight1.xml" },
	-- default
	["Default"] = 					{  dtype="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:DimmableLight:1" , dfile="D_DimmableALTHue1.xml" }

also have a lookt at and can you suggest which would be the right icon file for it ?

I have put a v1.50 on github with the SetColorTemp UPNP action implementation.
SetColorTemp( param ) where param is 153 to 500 ( Philipps api specification )

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“productname”: “Hue ambiance lamp”,
“capabilities”: {
“streaming”: {
“renderer”: false,
“proxy”: false
“control”: {
“mindimlevel”: 1000,
“ct”: {
“min”: 153,
“max”: 454
“maxlumen”: 800
“certified”: true
“manufacturername”: “Signify Netherlands B.V.”,
“swconfigid”: “72630961”,
“swversion”: “1.50.2_r30933”,
“state”: {
“colormode”: “ct”,
“alert”: “select”,
“bri”: 254,
“reachable”: true,
“mode”: “homeautomation”,
“on”: false,
“ct”: 436
“config”: {
“function”: “functional”,
“direction”: “omnidirectional”,
“startup”: {
“configured”: true,
“mode”: “powerfail”
“archetype”: “sultanbulb”
“swupdate”: {
“state”: “noupdates”,
“lastinstall”: “2020-03-11T05:00:59”
“productid”: “Philips-LTW015-1-A19CTv2”,
“name”: “Dining Room bulb 3”,
“type”: “Color temperature light”,
“modelid”: “LTW015”,
“uniqueid”: “00:17:99:01:03:bb:d4:77-0b”

so this bulb is indeed supported and since it does not do color, it uses D_DimmableALTHue1.xml and not the RGB version.

with the version 1.50 on GitHub you should be able to set color temperature in scenes ( but pass the right argument 153 to 500 ) using ALTUI or UI7 advanced scene editor.

With the Hue 2 app that broke I used to be able to go to a color pallette and change the temperature, does ALT HUE not support this?

it supports it using scene, not UI directly. ALTHUE uses the standard device description, device types and actions ( unlike the old hue plugin which had specific types for devices ). this approach has plus and minus, the plus is that all lights are alike and obey the same commands, a RGB wave or Hue colored lamp would obey the same type, events and actions. the minus is indeed the UI is restricted to standard device type UIs. but the workaround is simple, you can use scene advanced editor ( or Lua code )

Oh. Not really what I was looking to hear, maybe I’ll get used to it. I’ll generally go into the pallet to adjust it as its more analog, scene control seems kind of digital. And it really starts to get crazy as Vera, Alexa and the Hue app can all control it.
I see that the RGB gets a palette selector anyway to include this for the Ambiance?
What about the category 4 device that got created?

lights are created with category 2 and sensors (hue sensors) are created with category 4
your button is unknown so would need the same HueData for it and the exact model to understand how to support it

It seems like a lot, I’m not sure what all you would need.

You complain about a category 4 device which is the device I create for hue sensors. I therefore would like the hue data for that sensor.

Thank for your plug-in, I love it!

While we’re at it, color representation of white temperature is not OK. I found that when I change the temperature, the reported color is usually black. I’m not sure if it’s the API reporting this, but I think you can take a look at @rigpapa’s code for YeeLight plug-in, where approximate the color from white temperature:


Maybe we’re losing something in translation but I don’t think it’s complaining more than it is reporting and questioning. It’s not a security sensor as it is more of a switch or scene controller. Also my point was to not litter the board with that much data as it seemed to be somewhat extensive I also reported that the sub category should probably be a 1 for the dimmable light not a 0.
Sorry to say but I have since removed the plug-in and will just use the Alexa app to control the temperature. Thank you for your time. If you want the data for future development I can provide it.

no problem

The category 4 device is a Hue switch that should represented by ALTHUE as a standard VERA scene controller. you use it in scenes using the standard scene controller methods, meaning using notifications or advanced scene editor based on sl_SceneActivated variable. LastSceneID variable is also supported.

page readme page shows the button values for the Hue Dimmer switch, the principals should be the same for that switch although the button values are likely to be different. the HueData extract gives these values.

unfortunately I cannot really test as I do not own one of these but that would be the expected behavior.