So, since MicasaVerde is not doing any updates on whatsoever, I decided to try myself. The problem is that I that I don’t have enough space for my plugin descriptions. So I wanted to a add a scrollbox (in the plugin description), example code:

As you can see, once there's enough text in this box, the box will grow scroll bars... that's why we call it a scroll box! You could also place an image into the scroll box.

Have a look to at the attached screenshoot to see what happens to (LOL!!!). That is so poor if user content can mess up a complete page!!!

But it would actually look fine on the plugin Page, see screenshot.

MCV, can you add the scrollbox?! Meaning if content gets to big you’d create a box automatically?! How long do you need for that?

It is frinkin funny that is so baddly programmed that I can actually mess it up in all kinds of ways when adding different html codes…

Ahhh, so the problem is that on the start page of the first few words of the plugin description is included. If there is HTML code there it is also included in the start page and therfore messes it up.

A quick fix: Add enough spaces before the HTML code.

Working Example:

You shouldn’t rely upon a [XSS] security problem in to inject HTML into these pages.

They’ll eventually fix the problem, and the display will be a mess. There was a similar issue in UI4, that was fixed in UI5, for example, so the issues don’t go completely unnoticed 8) …

I have owned my vera’s for almost two years now, I can’t remember any changes to

I’ll leave it like this and fix it when they change this, I don’t really expect this to happen during the next century. Also I hope when they change it they will publish a completely reworked version which gets rid of this stupid (!!!) layout (using about 4 percent of a screen for the main plugin description and 60 percent for useless blue frames).

I even feel like inserting stupid code which messes up the front page just to make them work on it!

I have posted about a hundred improvement opportunities for during the last years, not a single one has been realized:

  • Better Layout
  • Allowing to add Links for further Information
  • Showing how many times a plugin has been downloaded
  • Proper Version History
  • Working “Paid” Plugins
  • Protection for Plugins so that not everyone can copy them
  • Proper way to release beta versions to beta testers.
  • The ability to delete versions.
  • Donation Button
  • and so on…

They’ve stated a number of times that this is just a community forum, so they don’t take ENH requests from it (in some cases, they don’t even read it)

If you want ENH’s, you pretty much have to file them with, and then lobby folks like Florin to get them added to the priority list.

Posting feature/bug requests here is, like posting to /dev/null :wink:

I don’t fell like putting effort into making them know that is a crappy page by entering bugs and feature requests. If they don’t realize this on their own I can not help them any further. I am putting enough work into helping users and publishing and updating plugins.

Edit: Thanks @oTi for filing this at!

Those XSS security problems will be fixed next week. Thanks for pointing them out.

Will you also fix the much too small description field?!

The description field was intended for a short description, that’s why is so small. The full description is supposed to be on the plugin’s page.

Which plugin page?!

Can you then add the option to allow adding a link?

Of course it’s your choice to (repeatedly) only highlight issues among peers and not also to MCV directly (through the mechanism they offer for that), but I’d file a bug report / feature request as well, to make it official (by their standards). You can just point to the discussion/post on the forum. Doesn’t take much time.

@guessed filed a bug for the XSS issue; I dropped your enhancement ideas on apps.mios in a feature request. (We’re looking for a way to add a donation button for that courtesy ;).)

[quote=“chixxi, post:11, topic:173210”]Which plugin page?!

Can you then add the option to allow adding a link?[/quote]

Every plugin should have a page (either on, on the forum, or on another server) with the installation, configuration and usage instructions. The URL should be put in the Instructions URL field. The Help button in the plugin’s control panel (on the Vera UI) opens the page referenced by that URL.

I agree that is not very intuitive, and probably not many users press the Help button in the plugin’s control panel. The does need to be updated for ease of use.

OK, at least this thread resulted in a solved security issue (hopefully soon) and some feature requests.

I guess it would be nice if the help/information button would also be available on and not only in the vera’s UI itself. Shouldn’t be to hard to realize since the fields/database of have this already included.