hsm100 v1 and v2

I havnt been testing for a while and just now trying out the latest public firmware (1.5.622) with a couple hm100’s, a V1 and a V2, initially they are both working, will report later as far as updating etc. but in both cases the only icon that is not generic is the motion (red running or green standing man) otherwise all icons are the generic gear looking thing, this is true on a brand new v3 as well as an older one. anyone know what gives with the icons? no lightbulb and no thermometer on their respective sensors
Edit: sorry just saw it is IE (9) specific, icons show in chrome

it seems nothing has changed in the latest firmware, my HSM-100 v2 is still a$75 waste as it will work for almost a full day but in the end it’s the same as always, eventually it locks in the “motion” position, the V1 sensor seems to be ok, can anyone verify if v3 (or S3) version working correctly in latest firmware before I waste more money?

I have been using 4 of the HSM100 V3 sensors for months with no issues. I am on 1.5.622 and have the MiOS Update Utility installed so presumably all my files are the newest versions.

I have two of the sensors on battery power and two of the sensors plugged into outlets. I have never seen there status “stick” aside from the first couple Vera reboots after adding them.

Much appreciate the reply! 8)

Modification to the above comment, I rigged my V2 sensor to be wall powered (and set it to “always on”) and it seems to be working reliably so although I bought it for battery powered use at least its not a total loss

I have 12 HSM Gen 3, all on battery power and they work flawlessly. If you make them wired, you need to reinclude them so they act as zwave repeater.