HSM100: Poll versus Wakeup Time

I’ve been doing a lot of forum reading to understand the HSM100 unit, and I’m 90% there. I have two questions though, which I hope will complete my understanding! ;D

Question 1:
I think I understand the wakeup interval (the unit wakes up every 1800 seconds and reports Temperature and Luminosity to the Vera, before sleeping again). How does this relate to the Poll Interval settings? What happens if the Poll Interval is less than the Wakeup or more than it for that matter? Is Polling even needed if the unit updates the Vera after a wake up anyway? Perhaps it’s needed if the unit is in Always Fire (Ontime=0) mode?

Question 2:
I think I understand On Time (the duration of time that the unit stays in Tripped mode after motion has been reported, after which it sends an Tripped=No event. The units also doesn’t report any motion during the interval). If motion occurs during the On Time interval, does it reset the on time counter to start from scratch again or does it simply ignore all motion?

Q1) I believe (pls can correct me if I’m wrong) the poll time is the polling frequency to update the light and temp values. I don’t think it affects the motion settings.

Q2) If it detects motion while in the tripped state then it will keep resetting the ontime timer. So if you have ontime set to 10min and it is tripped and detects motion after 5min it will start the ontime timer again and will only set itself back to untripped when there is 10min of no motion detected.

re: 1) as vera can not poll these at all unless she happens to catch the few second the sensor wakes (unlikely) I dont believe there is any reason to poll at all. A while back I was experimenting trying to improve performance and I kept increasing polling frequency and the response got worse and worse, I have since concluded (since I have several of these sensors) that all I accomplished by increasing poll frequency was to make Vera so busy that she would more often not hear the sensors when they were reporting, my best results have been with a polling frequency of 0 (never poll). when they wake they report in and if Vera is not too busy (causing a missed result) she will update the values, still there are other oddities in these sensors, with mine over time (and randomly) they may end up with an inapropriate neighbor being the only one left and then they will not update, using the “upddate neighbors now” function (after pressing the blue button) usually sets that right
Edit: of course this assumes you are running on batteries, different animal if you are running grid power in constant on setting

I thought so too, but mine doesn’t seem to do this in practice. I’ve set the On Time to 5 minutes and created two scenes: One to turn a light on with Tripped=Yes and one to turn the light off on Tripped=No. When I enter the room it turns on and after 5 minutes turns off - great. However, I can move around in the room as much as I want, it always turns off 5 minutes after the first motion was detected. It doesn’t seem to reset the counter during the On Time.

Any ideas why?