HRT4 (321) Set points

I have 3 x HRT4-zw’s in my house. All work great, no worries.
I have one line for current setpoint, and one for setpoint target.
Homewave reflects the single change, so changing targets or set points are fully reflective across all devices.

I’ve helped my neighbour install a Vera system and their HRT4 is playing up.
I’ve removed and re-added it loads of times but it’s not working as i know they should do (as mine do)

The Setpoint shown in the Homewave thermostat defaults back to 20deg across all remote control devices, except for the one making a change.
There are 3 separate lines in the advanced tab for the device for Current Setpoint.

Any ideas why the device is behaving differently for different veras and how to do get rid of these 3 separate setpoint lines for the device?