How would you setup the lighting in this room?

What I have now is a room with two ceiling fixtures that I’ll call North and South and two plug in lamps which sit on either side of a tv.

The two ceiling fixtures are controlled by a single switch and I can’t separate them without ripping out drywall ceilings… so not happening.

What I want to do is to replace the South ceiling fixture with a fan, but be able to turn off the North light and leave the fan on. On top of that I would like to be able to dim the plug in lamps together. A single plugin dimmer could be used for both plug in lamps, but how to control from a wall switch?

I can’t be using a phone/tablet here. Has to be wall switch.

I may be able to add a gang to put an extra switch even if it has no load connected to it…I’d have to do some investigating to figure that out.

So any advice on how you would solve my lighting dilemma?

If you could arrange the wiring of the existing cables to have Live and Neutral at both ceiling fixtures and the wall-switch, you could use micro-modules (Aeon or Fibaro) to switch the fan and dim the light. Then add micro-modules at the wall-switch to send Z-Wave commands in response to the switches. If you use Fibaro, you would only need one dimmer at the wall - its second input could control the fan.

A similar idea would also work for the plug-in dimmers.

If you associate the slaves with the master wall modules, the scheme would work without Vera.