How would one...

assign a conditional to a setting for Vera such as:

Motion detector to turn on bathroom lights to 10% IF motion is detected
AND it is later than 6:00 PM ELSE turn on lights to 100% bright.

Hi all,
I’m new to VERA and so far I like it, it’s features and being self contained.

I do wish there were more options from which to choose when setting
conditional events.

The above example was set up for my wife who sometimes gets up during
the night. I wanted VERA to allow the Motion Detector to turn on the bathroom
lights to 10% (which it does very well). It also turns them on during the day
when we’d rather have them on a full bright.

A strict timer setting will not work.

I appreciate any help. Hopefully there is a way to accomplish this.

Thank you!

Take a look at

Thanks Bill,

Looks like this is going to require some study to learn or figure out this Lua
programming which is NOT one of the reasons I bought VERA.

IMHO I think conditionals could have been implemented in the VERA software
(GUI) as pulldown menu selections. But that’s just me.

I appreciate your quick response and hopefully I’ll figure a way to use this Lua
method of accomplishing what I want.

This is a new firmware version coming out hopefully next week. They totally revamped the UI, they haven’t told us about all the features, so you may get your wish next week.

Cool…As they used to say…Be careful what you wish for… :wink:

Thanks for the info!