How using ImperiHome by Internet

I try to configure ImperiHome without success so I can access my VeraEdge outside the house.
I have two questions:
1 - Is it possible?
2 - If yes, what is the procedure
Thank you!

Yes it possible enter you vera user and password in the setup.

I tried to enter my password and my logon of my box and it does not work

Are you choosing the right UI version when you add a device? When you add the device does after adding user and password does it login and find your vera?

And if your vera is added to imperihome and working fine on local have you went into the settings and checked what your “connection mode” is set to? If it set to “Force Local” then it will not work when your away. Make sure its on automatic.


I re-entered my ID and password. I noticed that there was a blank character at the end of Mount password. I fixed everything and it was accepted. oops

My first tests were conclusive.

I will have access to a wifi area outside of my house later that morning. I will test again and will inform you of the results.