How upload own icon pack?

I have a zip containing my own collection of icons I want to download to my various devices running VeraMate.

Could someone please tell my where I can upload this in a format that VeraMate is able to read? I have tried different Cloud storage services (Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive) without sucsess. I also tried to put the file on a USB flash drive connected to my router (an Asus RT-AC66U) but couldn’t quite figure out the correct URL (networks is not my strong suit).

What file hosting service do you use for this?


Never mind, I found this thread that showed how to create a URL for direct download on Google Drive.

This is a bit harder for most users, as it can’t go through any login page etc.
I have to rewrite how VeraMate uses the google API due to it being out of date now, but this is how I eventually want to support it - natively to VeraMate. I didn’t realise you could direct link like that to google drive - did that work? I’ll add it to VeraMate’s FAQ for any other users.