How to use standard motion sensor or door sensor without DSC or Paradox panel

Is there something that can be use to report a status of a motion sensor or a door sensor without the need to have the complete security system ?
Something like a relay board that dont send any signal or electricity, only receive a N/O or O signal, and act like a motion sensor is MCV.


I am working to do this but the alarm sensors do not give an open/close digital signal.
In stead, these often give an analog voltage which allows for distinguishing between open/closed and tampering with the device for which a resistor network is integrated in the sensor. If the sensor is cut off or shortcircuited, the analog voltage value is 100% resp. 0% which is interpreted as tampering.
If it is normally functioning, it will show two levels in between, f.e. 30% and 70% for closed and open.

So you need a hardware analog input module that can be connected to the alarmsensors. This module then needs to communicate to VERA.

Such modules are available with Ethernet or USB communication interface, easily connectable to VERA.
A plugin for VERA has been developed for one of these hardware modules (IORelay) so no need to write LUUP software.
(see here: IORelay Plugin )

Unsure however as to the functioning of all this under UI5.

The sensors depending on what you use, will need some sort of board to distinguish the connection. The board then needs to some how interface with vera would require a plugin. Adding up the cost and equipment, it might be cheaper to buy the alarm parts and interface it with vera.

  • Garrett

Here’s one implementation I’ve seen.

Good book for anyone interested in sensors or other automation, BTW.