How to use HRT4-ZW Thermostat to control AN157 Appliance Modules?


This seems like a relatively simple task … but I’m struggling

I want to use my HRT4-ZW Thermostat to turn on a couple of electric rads plugged in via an AN157 Appliance module.

I have the Thermostat and 2 appliance modules included in my z-wave network and can control them all remotely (on, off, set a temperature).

However I’m struggling how to get the Appliance modules to turn on an off based on the temperature set on the thermostat …

What do I need to do?


I did it! sorry for wasting peoples time … now the next step is to

  • set up schedules for what temperature I want when
  • decide on a comfortable room temp
  • decide on what thermostat algorithm to use
  • purchase 7 more of these bad boys for each room in the house
  • get double glzing
  • fix the shower … meh the list goes on!


I was about to write an answer but I see you already did it :slight_smile: That’s my experience with any non standard z-wave setup: it takes a fair amount of fiddling and cursing to get it working sometimes…

Hi Luke

Well done, Would you be able to share exactly what you’ve done?

[quote=“parkerc, post:4, topic:173373”]Hi Luke

Well done, Would you be able to share exactly what you’ve done?[/quote]

+1 - I’ve not bitten the bullet yet but this is exactly the set-up I’m considering (albeit with a UK plug-in appliance switch). I’d really appreciate you sharing how you’ve done it, Luke, and how well it works in practice.

Which controller are you using and does the thermostat control the appliance module directly or via the controller? So many questions…