How to use Geofencing in official Vera APP

I can’s get this to work on 2 different phones/platforms

Installed the official app om an iPhone and WindowsPhone, both latest OS version.

Added geofence location of my home and tried to add a scene when entering or leaving home it should do something.


I cannot choose any scenes it should start, i cannot choose any virtual switches it should switch (so they start a scene).
The only thing i can choose are devices to switch on/off but this is not what i want.

The geofencing should trigger scenes not devices.

Also the app does not geofence when it is closed or not in the front running.
When i leave my home it does not turn anything on/off which i set to do, also not when i return to home.
When i run the scene manually from the app it works, but automaticly it does nothing…

Same things happens here on Android S5 with VeraLite 1.7.739
App seems to be aware of geofence as there is a notification for entering/exit geofence.
However, Home/Away mode does not change (and other users are reported as not home also).


FYI , The geofencing function work here , the house mode change in Vera after the notification of entering/exiting home area (VeraEdge 1.7.1598 + Vera mobile UI7

…and this works without plugins such as House Modes plugin being installed?

Yes , I have the house mode plugin installed in order to run Luup code on house mode change , because this is unfortunately not supported in the UI House mode