how to use Dlink DCS 932L camera motion detection to trigger a siren in veralite

I am new to vera I like to know how to use camera motion detection to trigger a siren in veralite. I just added one camera and few light switches . I am in the process of adding one more camera and few switches and sockets and a siren. i like to use the camera’s motion sensing to trigger a siren
The camera I added is Dlink DCS 932L. In fact I do not see the “motion detection” feature in Vera. But the motion control works in Mydlink app and I get emails. Need expert advice how to get the Motion sensor function in vera

Motion detection only works for a select number of foscam models. If the camera can call a url when motion is detected, you can call a scene via url.

  • Garrett

I like your idea, but as I am new to the Veral i am not sure how to do it. Could you please show some examples

He’s saying your cam does not create a Motion sensor device… like the foscam IP camera’s do. So… you need to look at the Dlink camera docs and see if it can send a URL that you specify (look in its web interface for motion detection and look for some options for motion found… do … “something”

If you can then this will work for you… create a scene that turns on your sounder. Save it and note the scene number… thats the scene you want to call via the URL: (replace with the scene you are calling)

so edit all the bold items, and also note you could be on fwd1.fwd2… etc. so when thou login to look what fwd# you are on.

test it in a browser first… it will show “OK” if no errors and … your siren should be on, if you messed up it will error… just fix the URL … (get it working there first)

then go to your Dlink web app (I’m guessing here… you have to fig. out where it goes or if it will work… I don’t have a Dlink camera)


Hi Jim
Thanks for the info. My Dlink camera send me an email alert when motion is detected. can i use this to activate the siren in scene. I I do not see “” when i open the login page it shows"".
Thanks in advance

After you log in you would see what server your on.

I don;t know of any email triggers… but… I don;t know everything so… someone might

I was hoping to do the same thing with my Dlink 930L. Has any progress been made on this by chance?

Otherwise, I was even thinking of getting a Foscam since it’s already supported
Is the Foscam motion sensor reliable?

thanks in advance for the feedback.

Because I have a few older IP cameras sitting in a box, I’ve been looking for something that will generate an HTML call on receipt of an email.

These older cameras all support motion detection with an email.

It seemed reasonable that there would be some little program I could find.

No luck yet.