How to use backup to restore device config prior to exluding (accidently)?

So, I have figured out how to unzip the ‘user_data.json.lzo’ file and rebuild a backup file. I have one device which I accidentally excluded and want to restore my configuration. What would be the best method? I have scenes, reactor sensors, etc etc. so would rather not have to recreate the configuration.

The below are the old IDs, device description (creates 3 nodes), and the new ID.

212,WRK Motion [GE ZW4006] 280
213,WRK Light [GE ZW4006] 281
214,WRK Unused [GE ZW4006] 282

I tried to selectively replace the device IDs in the json file, and reload this. Didnt work as expected… I still have the new device IDs show up as default names - _Appliance Module, _Appliance Module 1, _Generic IO and my old configuration wasnt resurrected (even though it was in the backup w/ the new device IDs).

Any guidance would be appreciated!

So perhaps there is also a way to get this done without having to muck with backups?

The problem is that exclusing the device changes both the controller and the device. You can restore, by whatever means, the ZWave mesh configuration and Vera devices at the controller end, but the physical device is still going to be “unassociated” with the controller and not know why the heck this strange box is trying to talk to it.

The reverse of exclusion is inclusion. There have been multiple strategies discussed in various threads here from resetting the device numbering so that the re-included device gets the old device number, so you don’t have to worry about references to it everywhere. But there are side-effects to deleting and excluding devices (such as scene deletion), so in reality, you may be in for wild ride trying to get it all sewn back together, and sometimes, it’s just easier to bite the bullet and do it the “hard” way (fix your scenes, Reactor–see Tools tab, etc.).

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Not what I wanted to hear, and can definitely see this being an issue where there are homes with kids or angry teenagers pressing random buttons! Nevertheless, I at least have an answer that makes sense - appreciate it!