How to update devices in google home

I have added a light switch to my vera setup. I can’t figure out how to add the device also to google home so that my assistant can control it. Same with deleting devices. I had to delete a switch, but it still shows in google home. I can figure out how to “rescan” devices so that the assistant links to what is currently linked to vera.

Do I have to unlink the entire service and then link it again to update the list of devices? I hope not.

Try: Ok Google sync devices

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Log in on a web browser at On the top right, you should see your name with a drop down arrow. Open the menu and click “Manage Google Home”. Once in there you can enable/disable any of your devices and scenes. You can also rename the devices/scenes as to how they are presented to Google Home. After you have made your changes, save your settings and then ask Google “Sync my devices”

Nope, still shows my existing 9, not the 3 new

No, this does not work for Ezlo hubs. The controller is always offline in this web page. Programmers that are supposed to merge this systems have done no testing. Ezlo is NOT compatible with Vera, even though everything in box says Vera

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