How to update device firmware?

Is there a function in veralite to check for new firmwares and update units if needed? Or…is there somewhere I can do it manually?

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Assuming you are logged in to your unit via a web browser in UI7, just click on the “Settings” tab on the left side of the screen and then click on the “Firmware” subtab. Vera will check to see if a new firmware version is available and if so, it will give you the option to download and install it.

Thanks, but that’s the firmware for VeraLite - not the different devices :slight_smile:

Are you referring to firmware on the Z-Wave devices themselves?

If you have a Z-Wave device designed to be firmware-upgradeable, you will have to manually check the device manufacturer’s web site for availability and update instructions. Although the capability exists to design Z-Wave devices so that they can notify you if a firmware update is available, and to have that update installed “over the air”, I am not aware of any devices that have actually implemented it. Supposedly the new “Z-Wave Plus” standard will make this easier in future.

Yes. The devices connected to my veralite.

Vera does not have the ability to update the device firmware.

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[quote=“garrettwp, post:6, topic:186158”]Vera does not have the ability to update the device firmware.

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So…I have to find which of my devices are firmware updateable and then troll the manufacturers pages to find updated firmwares manually and apply them using a tool developed by the manufacturer?