How to uninstall Ergy Plugin ?


With the upgrade to UI5, Ergy plugin was installed on my Vera. But Ergy seems not working and i have an error with this plugin:

Ergy[200] : Startup Lua Failed

Because of this error, all my scripts don’t work. Is there a fix for this plugin, or how can i uninstall it ?

If you are on 1.5.233, your scripts could be failing due to a bug that others are complaining about:

Luup functions not Working in UI5.

As for removing the ergy plugin, you need to click on the apps section and the ergy plugin should be listed to uninstall.

  • Garrett

No, Ergy plugin is not listed in my installed apps, so i can uninstall it. But i have an error message on it :confused:

For the Luup problem, an other french user use scripts and plugins without problem on UI5. The only difference with me is that he don’t try to install the ergy plugin.

@garrettwp and @cedriclocqueneux, I have noticed that when you uninstall an app it seems to just 1. remove the app related device and 2. remote the app from the list of installed apps but does not actually remove any of the plugin files from /etc/cmh-ludl?

But the Ergy[200] message makes it look like you have an Ergy device #200 that you could delete under devices?

I am having pretty much the same error:

Ergy[28] : Startup Lua Failed

I also do not have any apps showing in the field to be uninstalled.

Yes, but i don’t see this device, as i don’t see the plugin in the installed apps list :confused: so i don’t know how delete this ?

Here is what I see that is going on with the ERGY plugin from my LUA Files.

01 12/14/11 10:00:01.168 UPnPAction_Send::ParseState can’t find name <0x2 aee1000>
01 12/14/11 10:00:07.677 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::DownloadPlugin 188 failed to convert error -4: ݼ <0x2b815680>
01 12/14/11 10:00:07.678 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::DownloadFiles new plugin 188 returned 0 <0x2b815680>
01 12/14/11 10:00:08.366 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::DownloadPlugin 188 failed to convert error -4: ݼ LEAK this:745472 start:745472 to 0xfb6000 <0x2b815680>
01 12/14/11 10:00:08.367 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::DownloadFiles new plugin 188 returned 0 <0x2b815680>
50 12/14/11 10:00:09.102 luup_log:134: EtherRain Starting <0x2b815680>
50 12/14/11 10:00:09.103 luup_log:134: EtherRain poll status every 300 se c <0x2b815680>
01 12/14/11 10:00:09.171 IOPort::Connect connect -1 <0x2d4 c3680>
50 12/14/11 10:00:13.177 luup_log:157: Honeywell Ademco Vista Alarm Panel Plugin version 2.41 <0x2b815680>
50 12/14/11 10:00:13.177 luup_log:157: (VistaAlarmPanel::getDebugMode) De bug mode disabled. <0x2b815680>
50 12/14/11 10:00:13.178 luup_log:157: (VistaAlarmPanel::getNumPartitions ) Number of partitions = 1. <0x2b815680>
50 12/14/11 10:00:13.179 luup_log:157: (VistaAlarmPanel::getKeypadPartiti ons) Got these addresses: 31, for partition 1. <0x2b815680>
50 12/14/11 10:00:13.179 luup_log:157: (VistaAlarmPanel::getStoreMode) Se cure store disabled. <0x2b815680>
50 12/14/11 10:00:13.180 luup_log:157: (VistaAlarmPanel::getTtl) TTL = 60 . <0x2b815680>
50 12/14/11 10:00:13.181 luup_log:157: (VistaAlarmPanel::getCheckConnectionDelay) Check connection delay = 180. <0x2b815680>
50 12/14/11 10:00:13.183 luup_log:157: (VistaAlarmPanel::main) SUCCESS: Startup successful. <0x2b815680>
01 12/14/11 10:00:13.185 LuaInterface::CallFunction_Startup-1 device 163 function ergy_startup failed [string “…”]:4: module ‘luupx’ not found:
01 12/14/11 10:00:13.185 LuImplementation::StartLua running startup code for 163 I_EchoEnergyManager.xml failed <0x2b815680>

@cedriclocqueneux - just restore from a previous back where you didn’t have ERGY installed.

For this i’ll must downgrade to UI4, i don’t have backup before Ergy Plugin, it was installed immediatly after the update in UI5. And i have fix lots of problems on this version, i don’t want to make all these a new time :frowning: No other solution ? Where is the update of this plugin announced yesterday ?