How to turn WiFi off

I want to turn off the WiFI on my new Vera3. Firmware version is 1.6.641. I searched for this topic and found some info. I tried what was recommended, but what happens is, when I go to change from auto to manual config., nothing happens. I don’t get anywhere to change options. However, when I click on Through a wi-fi access point, I get the WiFi ON/OFF option along with all the channel SSID and other info. When I try to save with the WiFI OFF, still nothing happens.

Any ideas?

This is a bug: Se notes from @guessed about this subject.

So what is the fix? Wait for updated firmware?

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[quote=“atmo377, post:3, topic:180328”]So what is the fix? Wait for updated firmware?

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Contact MCV support as they supposedly have a fix.

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Contacted support. Had it fixed in 10 minutes. Thanks

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What did they do to fix it? I am having the same issue. Do they have to log into the unit? or is it some type of update?

I contacted MCV support, they logged into the unit and fixed the issue. If you are having problems with manual ip settings, or changing wifi passwords, just shoot support an email. Seems like they would put this out in some sort of widespread update, but o well its working now.

I was having issues with getting to the manual settings. They logged in and did a “fix”. I am able to change the password and turn on or off the wifi. I wish I knew what they did but it works fine now.