How to trigger TTS on the same device that gave the command?

Hello, this is a bit offtopic so my appologies but if someone knows the answer he/she will be here I guess. So is there a way to know the device that got the voice command so I can tell the TTS to speak from that very same device? I have a Beam and One in 2 different rooms of course. So when I ask “Alexa, What’s the weather outside?” I want to trigger a scene that will get my outside sensors data and speak it out on the same device that I gave the voice command to. I don’t think it is possible but I hope I’m wrong. That way a lot of useful scenarios can be done. And I don’t want all the speakers to answer every command because I have speakers in bedroom too.

it’s the Last Alexa function that is only available, I believe, on Open Luup


Any more info on this, please?

…would be the place to ask, I suspect.


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