How to tell if you got a returned controller?

My veralite recently died so I ordered a Vera Edge and believe I got a controller that someone returned. Is there a certain way to tell for sure?

I’m basing this on the fact that when I go to install the device and enter the serial number and mac address I get an error that states “Unit not available for assign”.
Secondly I found the ip address of the device on my network and logged into it directly I see it has a Nest thermostat already in it and the location is already set to Seattle, Washington. I get the message that the nest thermostat stopped responding “approximately one month ago”. In my mind that means it was a real device someone previously set up.

Do these facts lead to the safe assumption that this is a returned device that is already registered to someone else’s account?

I assume this should be a blank device and even if it came with a default location it shouldn’t have any devices installed in it.

I’m also not real thrilled the fact that I can log into this device via the local IP address with no authentication what so ever. Is that normal behaviour?

No authentication for local login is standard behavior. It can be disabled to only allow access via the servers and as such require credentials. On teh settings page check the ‘secure my Vera’ option.

You will have to contact with the serial# of your unit and explain what is going on. They can make it available to be added to your account.

Judging from the existing Nest device it’s been used for either a demo or by someone who could not figure it out and returned it. I would contact your supplier and make them aware of these issues and request a replacement unit perhaps. If you paid for a new unit, you may want to ask for a discount as the unit as is right now is unusable to you. Granted, an email to Vera’s support as suggested above, should resolve the assignment issue. And you can do a full factory reset on the unit to clear everything out.

To the OP. Just remember if you do this and their servers are down, your internet is down or you forget or loose your password your in for a ruff day. Most people secure your local internet and leave vera open for local access.

But as he said you can lock it down.

I also got a used device from AMAZON (but I knew it was before I bought it) and I had to email vera a picture of the back of the vera (serial and such) to prove it was mine and they can release it from the previous users account so you can add it to yours. You can also have them or you can reset it back to factory before you start adding your devices.

After its on your account do a software update and when it asks to save your current configuration or start fresh, just start fresh and it will update and wipe everything.