How to tell if its night time ? Not night mode


In Reactor / MSR how do you have logic only run if its night time (dark outside) ?

I am not referring to Vera’s Night mode.


Seems it already supports the Day or Night Plugin by RTS.

I’ll give that a try.

Just wondered how other people are doing it also ?

Sunrise/sunset condition if you only want to know when it is dark outside

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Oh yeah I guess Reactor can work that out via my lat / long location right.

Yes and you have several options wrt Civil dusk, Civil Dawn etc etc

OK thanks I’ll try that as well then.

I think an outdoor LUX sensor would be the best but I don’t have a device like that.

Looks like there are various options for dusk and dawn


So you find Civil is the best one to use ?

I use both depending on my use case. At sunset it is still quite bright outside with civil dusk it is darker

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OK great thanks for the tips.

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