How to start with bridging two Vera Plus controllers

Hi everyone,

I’m very new to Vera-world and I can not figure out how to deal with two controllers. Could you please advise or point to some links.
I have a house with Vera Plus and some devices. Now I got a second Vera Plus to install in the shed. I go to Add Device → UPnP, I see new controller as MiOS device, I add it. It is supposed to be a slave, however I don’t know how to check that. Both controllers are on the same wired network and have the same version of firmware.
What is next? How to add Z-wave devices to the shed?
I try to add device through master controller and it does not see a new device. I can connect directly to slave device (by IP address) and add device to the slave but this device does not appear anywhere on the list of devices available and controlled by the master.
What step do I miss? Thank you.

Regards, Tim

Hello Tim,

Here are the steps on how two bridge two Vera controllers:

Also because you specified that you might have issues trying to control devices, that were paired with the slave controller, on the master one, please note that we have created a trouble ticket for you. When you have time please reply.

Thank you and Have a nice day,