How to setup insteon 2413u with vera 3

Hello guys.
I need help, i have vera 3, insteon 2413u and more x10 device. I can’t setup insteon, when i work with vera, i can see my insteon, but it name is _Generic IO, and his write error “Unable to get any information on node”.
Please answer, what should do.
I will be happy answer any.

I have the same behavior on my system. Posted a similar question in another thread. I am just trying to use the basic Insteon provided by Vera. I will let you know if I come up with anything that works.

Last night I fiddled with this into the wee hours and was able to get the dimmer showing up and working after much trial and error. Unfortunately I woke up this morning and my wife had unplugged everything to paint the wall. When I restarted, there were no devices in the configuration.
I tried this process get things back up:

  1. Added the Insteon Devices Manually using the insteon address through //Setup/Insteon Settings/
  2. Pushed the Setup button on the PLM
  3. Pushed the Setup butting on the Dimmer Switch to link to the PLM
  4. Toggled the switch on an off. It beeped.

Now the dimmer shows up as Generic_IO and only provides on/off controls. Last night it mysteriously changed to a dimmer control and the dimmer slider worked fine. I cant seem to get back to that behavior today even with the same device.

Does anyone know what the right steps are to add insteon devices properly with Vera Lite’s built in Insteon support?
Adding them manually is the only way I have been able to get them to show up. I see there is another screen for adding insteon devices which you can reach through //Devices/Add Devices but this didn’t seem to work for me.

Q. Under <_GenericIO>//Settings there are configuration options. Anyone know how these work?
There are device settings like : “Use Default Configuration” Yes/No
“Configure device Now” Thinking there might be something to these.

Q. Is it possible to change the configuration of the devices using the //Advanced Tab and changing the “Device_type” and Device_File" settings?

The documentation on this thing seems non-existant and I am not sure I want to become a Unix programmer in order to get the Altsteon code running. (not even sure if Altsteon works with Vera Lite)

aka…Frustrated in Asheville…

Vera Lite FW:1.5.408
Smarthome 2413U PLM

Not Working:
1x ToggleLinc Dimmer 2466DW
1x ToggleLinc Switch 2466SW

i have vera 3, insteon 2413u and more x10 device. I can't setup insteon
Just to confirm, these are X-10 devices or Insteon? You added the PLM (2413U) and it's showing as enabled, you then added X-10 devices and assigned the address to the device/s?

I am not familiar with the Vera Software, but I have been doing insteon systems for better than 10 years. (Hated the reliability of X-10) It has been my observation, that the insteon should be linked with the software, and not the PLM. Do you not have an option to learn the insteon devices into the software instead of the PLM? Usually, learning this into the plm causes it to store commands without any way of recalling it. It is intended to store scenes, or groups of commands in the PLM, not the initial device discovery that it requires. The fact that it was using X-10 devices opens up a whole different set of parameters. X-10 is not a 2-way device, meaning it responds, but does not send a status to the system. In addition, X-10 has phase limitations to communicate with your devices. Insteon is wireless (Like Z-Wave), PLUS it has line carrier communication over the powerline. Thus, replaces X-10 Phase couplers and makes them obsolete. My suggestion is to replace the X-10 Switches with true, Dual Band, insteon devices. There is also the possibility that you may have to upgrade to an insteon 2413UH PLM to solve the problem entirely. I hope this helps, and I am always available for questions.

I can’t even get that far with Insteon on my Vera3. A little background… I successfully set up Insteon over a year ago using a Vera2 and a 2413u modem in one location, so I bought a second Vera2 and 2413u, but could not get the Vera box to recognize the Insteon modem. When I saw the offer to upgrade to a Vera3, I thought this would also help me resolve the Insteon issue, but it behaves the same way as the Vera2. Finally, I bought another 2413u, thinking maybe my first one was bad, but no, it fails the same way. When I try to “Enable the INSTEON and X10” I see a popup with “Received empty response”. At the top of the screen is a blue box with “INSTEON: No INSTEON”. I searched the forums, and thanks to SWAZI finally got a little further. By directly logging into the Vera box instead of going through, I was able to install the driver. Now instead of the “No INSTEON” message, I’ve just got an empty blue box. I see no status messages posted there. It seems to respond to a “Reset PLM” but I can’t add an Insteopn I/O interface (EXIO2X4). Vera says it sent the command, but I never see anything in the blue Info Panel at the top of the screen, and the device doesn’t get added.


You do have a unique problem. My shortcoming is I know absolutely nothing about the Vera System. Is there a site that I can research it? I would love to help you, but my info is limited. If you need to contact me, my email is Should you need to reach me sooner. Labor Day visitors have taken alot of my computer time…(Smile) But I desperately need to gather info on the Vera System, from beta to now if possible.

It has come to my attention that insteon is not compatible with the Vera 2 or it’s replacement, (Vera 3) The attached info comes directly from Smarthome…

This product has been discontinued. The replacement product is the VERA-3

Vera 2 is a simple solution for convenient home control, security, safety and energy savings. Built into a wireless WiFi access point, the system works to control lighting, appliances, thermostats and anything else that utilizes Z-Wave, as well as wireless or wired network cameras. Vera is also an energy conservation system that constantly tracks how much energy you are using. As lights are turned on or as appliances are used, Vera creates logs and calculates how much energy is being consumed. Vera can even contact you if you’ve left something turned on at home, like lights or the TV, and it allows you to turn them off with your internet connected mobile phone or from any web browser.

Easy to set up
Secure access from anywhere in the world
Compatible with all Z-Wave devices
Helps you save energy with real-time and historic energy usage
Uses only 6 watts of electricity
Simple home automation
Compatible with wireless wi-fi network cameras
Makes home networking simple
Audio/video control
Can be used as a universal remote
Works on an open platform for developers
Free tech support and 1 year warranty

I can help you utilize your insteon and X-10, it just can’t be controlled by the vera. Only Z-Wave Devices will function with this system.

Please do better research before posting information. Your post is incorrect.

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