How To Setup Hardware Associations (a.k.a. Groups)

Just the other two devices. I posted some screen captures further up in this thread.


Then you can try adding ZWave (at the bottom, in "unassigned devices) and maybe a scene controller.
I think there might be a conflict because you didn’t choose main controller to be in the Group 1, and this is mandatory (as I wrote above, Group 1 usually is reserved for communication with controller only).

But I don’t give you warranty that it will work, as I’ve never had a device supporting only one group.

Thanks for the suggestions, for now I’m putting Associations on the back burner. My more immediate problem is the fact that my Vera seems to be looping forever repeatedly trying to reconfigure EVERY device (probably 50 or so!), never finishing, rebooting itself, and starting over. As soon as I get some free time I need to call for Tech Support on this, once I get my Vera back to a “stable” state I’ll do a backup and then start experimenting with Associations - but first I need Vera stable and with a good backup. My current backup is over a month old, I’ve added +/- 45 devices and several scenes since then - I don’t want to lose all those hours of work.


You can download an online backup, AFAIR it is done on the daily basis by default (see “settings/backup” section)
I’m not sure if you can reset your device and then restore it from an online backup.
Should be possible but last time I did a reset was long time ago and I simply don’t remember if controller see online backups after reset or not.

Wow, I did not not Vera was doing daily backups - that’s great! If I had known this I probably would have restored from backup right after the problem first appeared. I’ll have to scan my notes and see if I can figure out when the problem started and pull the right backup (and maybe download ALL of the backups ‘just in case’ so they don’t disappear). Thanks much for this tip. :slight_smile:


Reset the VeraPlus to factory settings, restored the 11/11/2017 backup - no problems. Repeated using the 11/12/2017 backup and the VeraPlus loops/restarts every 6 minutes - so I know something that was done between these two backups caused my looping problem - fortunately 80% of my devices were properly configured in the 11/11/2017 backup so I’ll run with that, and add in the missing devices one at a time (taking backups along the way). Thanks again for pointing me to the online backups, I didn’t know they existed, saved me a LOT of work being able to get a stable configuration with 80% of my devices in it.


You’re welcome, and good luck with tracking the problem :slight_smile:

Make sure to take a z-wave backup as well from time to time, those are not done automatically, but are good if you have a catastrophic problem with your devices, will allow you reset up the whole network.

There is an option to restore backups with or without the z-wave backup. Usually the z-wave backup is not needed, but can be helpful.