how to setup email notification with picture from camera

hi. may i seek help from experienced users / admin on how to setup email notifications with picture from camera.

i tried googling it, but only found vera alerts that seems to require another android app installation. i was hoping if the standard notification will work since it will be sent via email from the vera device

AFAIK you can?t. I stopped using Vera to control my cameras and wrote my own solution. I can suggest to take a look at your nvr, since many of them are able to do what you?re asking for.

While not a built-in solution, you can do just that with VeraAlerts.

It sends you a personalized notification + screenshot on an app like Pushover, or Pushbullet.

Another option is to take a picture and send it as mms to your phone. You would get a text with the picture.

I?m with Verizon so it would be phonenumber@vtext. com

When my Vera was up and running that?s they way I was doing it.


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Thanks for the help, seems i have to live with my dvr sending the pictures.

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