How to setup aqara opple

Hi all.

I have purchased an Aqara Opple 4 buttons switch.
It was successfully paired with Vera Plus, and appears like that:

	<friendlyName>FourButtons [76]</friendlyName>

By the way I have defined the scenes:

But doesn’t seem to work. Do you have any ideas, or tutorial for something similar?

What are the configured clusters in the device>advanced>variables. As vera does not support all zigbee clusters

Also if you use Reactor plugin, you can use device spy to see if there are any changes when buttons pressed.

Hi, thank you for your answer.

I have for the moment 0x0000 and 0x0001. I’m wondering if I have to configure 5 to 7.

Is the reactor plug-in a part of standard ones?

Reactor plugin is a logic engine, far superior to vera’s . It also has many other usefull features. It is worth installing. You will find it in the app store under apps>install.

once installed you will see with device spy what variables the device is updating.

Here is a list of of zigbee supported clusters Xiaomi Aqara stuff Works Natively - #98 by ElCid - General Discussions - Ezlo Community

Hi @ElCid,

Thanks for your link, I have seen it, but hoped :slight_smile:
Well if the one button device not working, the 4 buttons would neither.

I have installed the Reactor and tried to listen my 4 buttons trough the device spy. No effect.

I have finally ordered a RPi4 + zzh!