How to set Hue bulb color using Reactor?

I’m a bit stumped at the moment, while trying to set the color of a Hue bulb in a Reactor activity. Basically, I’d like to set the light to be “Red” or “Green” in much the same way I can using verbal commands through Alexa.

I’ve used Reactor’s device inspector tool to suss out this much… that when Alexa instructs Vera to set the bulb to Blue, these parameters change:

urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:Color1 / CurrentColor = "0=0,1=0,2=0,3=0,4=12"
urn:upnp-org:serviceId:althue1 / LampHexValue = "#00000C"

Yet when I try to replicate those settings in Reactor, using say:

Device Action ► Hue Bulb (#100) ► SetColor ► ____

it doesn’t seem to matter what I type in the blank (e.g. #00000C or “#00000C” or red or “red”); the bulb color never changes to match.

Any guidance on this? My Hue bulbs are all handled by the ALTHue plugin on my Vera Plus, and I’d rather avoid creating a dedicated “Hue Scene” to run (by ID) just for this purpose, as that strikes me as relatively inflexible.


SetColorRGB should honor the Vera’s format:

SetColor has instead W0/255 and D0/255 for white colors (warm or cool).

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