How to send Http request from my vacation house

I need a trigger send an http request from my Vacation House to my House.

Example: if a sensor is tripped at my Vacation House than it turn on a light at my house

Somebody know how?
Thanks for your help

I use ifttt and the maker channel to do just that.

You haven’t said which vera or UI your on.

Incase you haven’t found out already ui7 has alot more security then ui5. You can’t just send a “” request.

ui7 has a complicated security check in process that has been discussed in the app building or coding section of the forum.

The older ui5 with less secure access used to allow easy http:// request.

Vera Edge UI7

So the question has already been answered. unless you good with coding and the authentication process (beyond me) it’s not going to be easy. Using outside sources like was suggested (I have never done) would probley be a better option.

Most of us just use notifications to receive this information not turn on lights. You can push them to your phone using VERA alerts. On an Andriod it would speak it out to you in the middle of the night.
You can use SONOS or the like to have it speak it to you at your house. Also Imperihome can speak it out to you.

I have android tablet with Imperihome and also Sonos,i can i do it with Sonos?

Yes you can push notfications to SONOS.

Do you have the Sonos plugin installed on the VERA?

Do you use VERA alerts plugin in VERA?

Think both of those are required then you can have Vera Alerts push to the Sonos plugin and play the alert in TTS.

Already have Sonos plugin at my house,Vera alert need only to be installed at my vacation house right?
Is there a small manual for vera alert availaible?

[quote=“michelhamelin, post:8, topic:190848”]Already have Sonos plugin at my house,Vera alert need only to be installed at my vacation house right?
Is there a small manual for vera alert availaible?[/quote]

There is no manual for vera alerts, and the more I think about this, before you go further you should research or start a new thread on just this. Altho I have done it in the same house I would like to make sure you check the ability to push those notifications to a remote Sonos plugin on a vera outside the network. I don’t remember the communication type between Alerts and Sonos plugin enough to say it will work remotely.

ok thanks :slight_smile:

How are you sending the request from Vera to IFTTT ?

Install AutoVera on the Vera machine in your vacation house and install Tasker on your Android device with the AutoVera plugin. Then setup a profile in Tasker that checks the status of a specific sensor in your vacation house. If the sensor gets tripped the Tasker profile on your Android device becomes true and you can automatically invoke an action on the Vera machine in your house.

There is another solution that requires a little Network savvy … you can have a VPN between your Summer home and your house.
Then you can securely send a request from one Vera to the other using just the LAN address without ever going through the Vera remote servers.

With the right hardware (routers) you can connect the two homes together securely over the internet.
There are services that provide VPN servers out there with rates about $10/month for 3 devices (each house and your phone).

I know this is an old thread, but I was trying to figure out how to send Vera commands from my Garmin watch using IOT Widget through my phone to UI7 Vera Plus. Last post about VPN gave me the idea to put my phone on the existing home VPN when out of network and it worked like a charm. Can now open garage when I get home from cycling without worrying about ensuring I get a WiFi connection.

Thanks RichardTSchaefer.