How to see Vera scenes in Google Home app?

You use to be able to see all your Vera scenes in the Google Home app in the settings.

I cannot figure out how to do this now in the Google Home app ?

I have exposed a new Vera scene to Google Home via the portal.

I created a new routine in the Google Home app, to have an action to “run scene name”.

However when I run this routine in the Google Home app, my Vera scene is not run by assistant.

I have told assistant to “update devices”.

I’ve got it working now, Its the buggy Vera portal for Google Home settings.

If you click into the box on the right side to set a custom name, it then auto unchecks the tick next to that same scene for some daft reason.

I looked in there again and noticed my scene was not ticked and therefore not exposed to Google Home.

However I was still unable to see in the Google Home app / Assistant app settings where it lists all the Vera scenes its imported.

Seems you cannot do that anymore.