How to see script output?

How can I see the output from a lua script? I see lots of samples that use Print(“hello world!”), but when I run the script, I can’t figure out where to see the output?

Hi @tedley,

At the bottom of the EZLOGIC Lua Scripts tab, you can find a box called “Result of Script Execution”. There you can see the outputs or other information that the system returns.

Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

That is actually what I expected, but it only indicates that the script was successful or not… I don’t see the output from the print statement(s). Maybe my script is wrong… I simply have a Print(“test”) statement.

@tedley If you connect to the controller through a program called puTTY, and look at the logs, you will see what the controller is doing at the moment,
to scrpt so that it can visualize you must use the logging module, and in that way you can see