How to reset the Secure 2-Channel Receiver (SSR302) / Horstmann ASR2-ZW

My 2 channel heating / hot water controller disappeared from the Vera control panel.

I have tried to add it again but it seems to think it is already associated with a network so I can’t. What should I do? Is there a way to do a complete reset of the device?

Thanks for any help.

Sorry for bringing up old post.
Did you ever get to the bottom this? My Vera 3 is bricked and i replaced it with a Veraplus but unfortunately had to start from scratch and add all devices again. I have two secure devices the ssr302 boiler swithh and sir321 timer switch both i cannot find how to reset. Manaul day to exclude using controller interface but as my vera3 is bricked this is not possible. Any idea s??

Yes, I managed to get it working in the end. But I dont quite know how.

In the end I deleted everything on the Vera and unplugged the controller for a few days. When I added it again it started to work somehow.