How to regain access to vera?

I did a stupid thing with my vera network setting and now I cannot gain access to the box via my PC web brouwser!

On the other hand, my Iphone works OK via - so the box is connected to the net and working but the network settings need to be changed back to what is was so my PC web brouwser can work again.

How can I get into the box and change the settings without having to perform a full reset? I was trying (via the PC web brouwser) to get into the box via BUT I have forgotten the username and password! (It works on the Iphone because it remembers the username and password but I do not remember it!!).

In case I can request a new password will I be able to change the network setting via or is it only for operating the box as is the case via the Iphone?

Any help would be appreciated…

I just logged in to and the “Advanced” tab is available. I didn’t want to try changing the settings and lock myself out of my Vera, but it appears that one can.

I’m not sure what you did but It sounds like you set your network settings to a “Switch”. If this is the case then set your computers network cards IP address to You should be able to connect and change your network settings back.

Thank you for replying - I ended up resetting vera with the black push switch at the back and had to reinitialize my settings >:(


Sten, try to contact the support team next time you stumble into minor (from our end) problems before resetting all your configuration. Also, if you have service activated, you should see under your Settings link the last 7-10 days backups. You can choose one from there that you know it worked and restore it. This way, you don’t have to start all over again. More information can be found here: