How to read the outdoor temperature

I would like to turn on my ceiling fan (ge zwave fan module) if the temperature is over a certain amount (80 degrees F?). I know vera has the temperature (It’s displayed in the UI) but I can’t find it and I can’t find any reference on how to get this from LUA. Does anyone know?

It is not accessible unfortunately. You will have to use the Wunderground Weather app or use a an out door temp device.

Wow. That’s absurd. You would think as many things as you can do with the outdoor temp it would be exposed.

Well that’s your opinion I guess. But the Weather Underground is a free plugin and is much better anyways and alot more accurate along with providing alot more then temp. It allows you to choose a weather station near you (mine is a block over at a school) vs. the vera one could be 20 miles away.

Am I correct in thinking this is going to control an outside ceiling fan or maybe a front porch fan? You also using motion with this?