How to Program user access by date and time?

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I just purchase a Residential Schlage electronic deadbolt and Vera 3 for a Healthcare patient who has a number of caregivers.
I need to know how to Program user access by date and time. I want to schedule lock codes to be active only on certain days at specific times.
[I’m using Windows 7 IOS & iPhone 5]
[glow=red,2,300]I would appreciate any and all assistance you can provide.[/glow]

These instructions are for Yale, but the procedure is the same, assuming that your particular model[sup](which you failed to disclose)[/sup] supports restrictions. You want to set pin code restrictions.

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Thanks Z,
The info you provided is exactly what I needed. :slight_smile:

seriously… i allways use this wrench to open my door and it works everytime. i just need to figure out a way to use this advanced features. someone told me i could use a time restriction on opening the door but i still get in when the restriction is set :frowning:

[quote=“CItsEZ, post:6, topic:177623”]Thanks Z,
The info you provided is exactly what I needed. :)[/quote]
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i still get in when the restriction is set
Da_JoJo, I'm having the same problem. My code still works even out side the restricted time set. Does any one know how to get around this?

mm no sorry men… i don’t have a z-waving lock, but the wrench works great for opening the door. the inventor of this should have a statue