how to plan a stage every Friday for two weeks

I’m looking for something to run a stage every Friday every two weeks.

Do you have any ideas?


I assume you want to run a SCENE every two weeks.

With PLEG you can run a scene with an interval of 14 days.
Declare it on a Friday and it will run every 14 days from that day.
Unlike Vera Scenes … When you create an incremental schedule … it honors the interval even if your Vera is restarted.
(In Vera scenes the schedule would be 14 days from the time Vera restarts, In PLEG it will run 14 days after it last ran!)

Or simply schedule a regular scene to run every Friday and a tiny piece of Lua which aborts the run every other time (you can make this persistent across reloads by checking time last run.)

Looking in PLEG and I can not find the option to postpone for 14 days. Is this the right place?

…or just schedule a regular scene to run every Friday and place this in the Lua code section

return math.floor(os.time()/60/60/24/7)%2 == 1

Schedule to run on Friday at specified time.

After it fires once …
Change it to an INTERVAL timer of 14 days.
It will fire every 14 days from the time it LAST ran.