How to personnalize a virtual device ?

Hi !

I now study how work a virtual device, and how configure it with xml files. Do you know a way to personnalize the icon of the device ? I think we must send the icon file with ssh, but where ? And how tell the device to use this icon for different status ?
I think per example to have a sun icon and a dark icon for the virtual device “Daytime Sensor”.

Your best bet here will be to reverse engineer what’s going on in an existing Device that has a changing icon. I good example would be the Dimmable Lights, but there are others also.

The .json file controls the image used for a given Plugin, so you’ll want to read your way through a few of them to get a sense for how they work.

There is no documentation for this stuff a this time, so it’s going to be an exercise is trial-and-error, that’s basically how I got mine going (although I didn’t play with Layered Icons etc)

Ok, thanks, i’ll search in that direction. I 've hoped that a simple parameter in a xml file was good :stuck_out_tongue:

Excerpt from D_SqueezeboxControl1.json:

    "flashicon": "icons\/music_audio.swf",
    "DeviceType": "urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:SqueezeBox:1",
    "DisplayStatus": {
        "Service": "urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:MediaNavigation1",
        "Variable": "TargetVolumeLevel",
        "MinValue": "0",
        "MaxValue": "100" 
    "Tabs": [

Please note that there is a syntax error in the json file ( is your friend).

cd /
find | grep 'music'