How to load an Array of Hue Scenes in Luup

Has anyone found away in Luup code to load the table of Hue Scenes and associated data into an array?
And then access a Scene id from that array within an expression - ideally with a lookup, but if not that then an index value.
Currently in Reactor I set Hue lights using “RunHueScene” where I get the Scene id in an expression such as
Scene_selected = choose(Scene_number,“uSN5YpUD4YYYNAz”,“Mi7y6Z2oar6I283”,“pa3KVHJ3BZkJ9WY”,“DTjDQ80T-3WS-lF”,“uUXoVRO9Vc70xC8”,“uSN5YpUD4YYYNAz”)
where Scene_number is an index value - in this case from 1-5
But it would be much more elegant if I did not have to hard-code the Scene id into the expression but rather read it from an array. Don’t mind loading that on Vera boot-up if necessary.

Anyone any thoughts on this question?