How to invoke Sonos Plugin's "Say" Action?

Firstly a big thanks to @guessed for this excellent binding.

Is there anyway to use the ‘say’ functionality of the Vera Sonos plugin via the OpenHAB MiOS binding? I know I can setup lua/luup scenes that use ‘say’ that I can trigger from OpenHAB, but I want to be able to pass dynamic text to the say function - trying to pre-configure every possible vocal alert would be a nightmare!

I guess this question may cross over in to @lolodomo’s expertise.

I’m writing the callMios() function at the moment. Once that’s done, there will be a really easy way to do it in rules.

Until then, it would be similar to the example above, using custom _defaultCommand entries in a .map file bound to a ‘dummy’ Item, and dummyItem.sendCommand(“say this”)

@guessed Ok thanks, I ‘think’ I understand the suggestion… I’ll give it a go.